26 October 2012

Dipping Alden's Toes in Various Waters

Two weeks ago we went on a weekend trip to Long Beach, California for Nathan's wonderful grandmother's funeral. It was so nice to catch up with family and for all of them to meet Fitz (the first Hammer grandchild)! The day after we returned we went to Walden Pond for a family walk. The video below chronicles both events.

24 October 2012

A Legendary Rock, Lobsters, & Reenactors

The one and only Plymouth, Massachusetts of course. 
Our family came to town for Alden's baby blessing and we took a day trip to Plymouth Plantation. It truly is a Westover family favorite because of our ancestral history, but mostly because of the cheap and amazing seafood.

23 October 2012

Little Pumpkin

This post is all about Alden dressed in his Halloween onesie. Even though Alden isn't yet aware that his hands are attached to his body, he is already making holidays so much more fun around here! We love this little guy (as evidenced by the video I posted below).

18 September 2012

Itsy Bitsy Fitzy

Becoming a mom has been such a crazy experience. The bursting into tears at 3am when I have to change his diaper again, the terror experienced when he wakes up unhappily from a nap in the middle of Trader Joe’s, the loads and loads of baby laundry, and being insanely concerned for his physical safety, to name a few.

One thing that has surprised me is how proud I am of him, and he’s just an infant! We already irrationally think he is a perfect specimen - superior to all the babies (parents, you know what I'm talking about). I mean his blood type is even O negative! Plus he looks great in a sailor suit. We love you, little Fitz.

13 August 2012

Alden Fitzwilliam Hammer

Born August 6, 2012
7 pounds 12 ounces
20.5 inches long
Born at 10:44pm

nice smelling & happy

02 July 2012

A Joint Baby Shower

I don't know what makes me feel more girly - going to a baby shower, or blogging about a baby shower!

My good friend Mary and I are both due in August so our friends threw us a lovely joint baby shower to celebrate! We are so fortunate to have such great friends. 
The lovely ladies who threw the baby shower: Laurie, Taneal, & Virginia
Also, as far as my pregnancy is going:
- I'm 34 weeks along
- Apparently my baby is in the 91st percentile in weight. Awesome.

22 June 2012

Costco Memberships & Summer Rompers

Before Italy I was so busy working at the campaign and preparing for the trip that I would think to myself, Yes, I'm having a baby in the future sometime, but how could I possibly have the time to prepare for that?

The trip to Italy ended, and I am now 32.5 weeks along with nothing to distract me from the reality of this baby train. I must now do things that real adults do like move to the suburbs, get a Costco membership, make my bed, refer to things as “investments”, remember birthdays, decorate my apartment for the holidays, grow plants recreationally, and pack lunches.

But as a surprise to me the suburbs are great (we’re moving to a 2 bedroom with a garage!), Costco is the best, and I’m kind of excited about planting an herb garden, so I guess adulthood is happening. I'm now in the height of my baby preparations, nesting up a storm and it’s pretty awesome.

Speaking of baby prep, our bambino had a very successful shopping trip to Italy. Exhibit A:
A journal to write for him and a summer romper (because all petits garçons need one)
His baby blanket
Another summer romper (he will obviously need two) and a Venice sweatshirt

21 June 2012

Lucca & Pisa

Pictured below are the towns Lucca and Pisa. They were just as lovely as they look and we really enjoyed driving around Tuscany. Nathan honed his traveling cool factor so much that by the end, he even resisted the powerful urge to take a photo of himself holding up the leaning tower! Very impressive.
And a final baby bump shot just before I left for the airport. 

San Gimignano

A hill town with views of Tuscany, medieval towers, loads of ceramico, crumbling brick - what's not to love?!

12 June 2012


If you have an insatiable appetite for paintings of the Madonna and child, medieval architecture, and the Medici family, then Florence is the place for you! I think we saw almost everything there is to see in Florence, most likely due to my mom’s 16-page itinerary.

Several Highlights:
We had a lovely little apartment around the corner from the Palazzo Vecchio.
I (at almost 7 months pregnant mind you) triumphantly hiked to the top of the Duomo, and then felt like I was going to die.
We found the greatest focaccia sandwiches in the world (below).
We all fell asleep during a Gregorian chant concert at Santa Croce.